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New Minigame at the Hair Salon!

March 6, 2011

There’s a new game at the hair salon and it’s so cool! When you log into Build A Bearville something comes up and asks if you want to meet the new Shimmer Kitty at the Bee Stylin Salon , so you press “Yes” . You can also go to the salon and it says if you would like a new look or the minigame, click on minigame.

And then this is the game! There are amny things you can do, like cutting hair, wetting hair, blow-drying hair, and many more!


New Bearville Times!

March 6, 2011

Check out the new Bearville Times!

And get a little bear garden gnome for reading it!

New Bearville Times!!

February 24, 2011

Hey guys if you havnt seen the new breaville times ill keep you updated. If you haven’t signed up for Maxine’s contest and you want to you should sign up as soon as possible because it ends march 2nd,2011. Also in the beginning of march 1st there will be a new so get ready :D.


Ellozz People ^ ^

February 22, 2011

Hello everyone my name is Jasmin and some of you might know me from Juliane’s blogs, but if you do not know me I am Jasminzebra6 and I am looking forward to speaking to all of you and i am very happy to be apart of this blog. I cant wait to get to know each an everyone of you and make post’s for you all. 😀

We need Staff!

February 22, 2011

Hey guys it’s Mila and this blog needs staff. I don’t know what happened to our old staf, maybe they forgot or don’t play BABV anymore but I don’t know. So, you guys can apply! In your application you need :

-BABV Name

-Nickname or name people call you instead of BABV Name.

-Do you know how to  take screenshots?

-PhotoBooth picture, no design in the background just color please.

-Why do you want to work on this blog.

– Three fun facts about you.

**Lastly, send your applications to **

Heyy Guys!

February 21, 2011

Hey guys so it’s me Mila and I’m back to working on Juliane’s blog! Which means I’ll try to update on here too! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating and I let you guys down on Furbulous BABV Help 2.0 (FBABVH 2.0) But now I will try to update as much as I possibly can!

Bearville Times!

December 12, 2010